Affiliate Resource Group

Ad Network Management 


Our Services

Is your company building a new ad network? Or are you looking for someone to manage an existing ad network? Maybe you're just looking for assistance with publisher recruitment?  If so, Affiliate Resource Group can provide all of those services and more that you might need to manage this aspect of your business. Ad networks require a good deal of upfront work and ongoing maintenance. 

Some of the services we provide include:

  • Development of ad network launch plan including Terms & Conditions, publisher approval criteria, research into competitive landscape and key selling points for your ad network
  • Ad network communications development including recruitment email and phone scripts, approval and rejection emails, welcome emails and development of a "Welcome Kit"
  • Recruitment strategy development including analysis and vetting of ComScore lists
  • Recruitment of publishers using multi-pronged communication approach
  • Account manager services including handling technical issues, account activation, default tag setup, payment inquiries, etc.
  • Communication to publishers such as new campaign announcements, promotions, business development opportunities, etc.

In this competitive ad network landscape, make sure you have the appropriate resources in place for your new or existing ad network.